COD Advanced Warfare April 27 Patch For PS4 & XBO Is Live; Weapons Balance And Changes Detailed

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has received a brand new patch for the PS4 and Xbox One. This new patch is about 2.6 GB in size for the PS4 and 1.1 GB for the Xbox One. There are no official patch notes available as of yet but there are some weapon changes for balance that have been detailed.


You can check out an analysis of the new weapon balances courtesy of reddit user slowriderxcorps.

Alright, I’ve done a quick pass of all the weapons in the range to see if anything’s different. Here’s what I’ve think I’ve found:

  • I don’t think the AE4 has been changed at all. It ‘could’ be shooting a little quicker but I highly doubt it.
  • ARX160 is completely unchanged, ie, it still sucks unless you’re using one of the two god mode variants.
  • MK14.. is completely unchanged. EDIT: scratch that, something funky is going on with its headshot multiplier, getting a 2SK with one headshot at medium range.
  • ASM1 magazine capacity has dropped to 35, 52 with Extended Mags. Starting ammo has dropped to reflect this change too.
  • AMR9 Dynamo burst delay still appears to be glitched.
  • S12 variants with +fire rate now shoot even faster than the base 600RPM. We.. genuinely might have a candidate for overpowered here.
  • Ohm doesn’t appear to have changed, but th Firing Range doesn’t go far enough to really test the 3SK range. Someone needs to get onto that.
  • THE PYTAEK HAS BEEN FIXED. The base variant is now using the Ameli damage profile, ie, the 3SK range was sent through the roof. The Loophole might no longer be the best variant anymore.
  • The EPM3 got buffed again. It’d appear that all variants are now sharing the Exterminator’s headshot multiplier, so that’s a 2SK where one is a headshot at any range.
  • MP443 Grach is unchanged. Arse trumpets.

We will update this article once the full official patch notes are made available online.

Let us know what changes have you noticed in this new update in the comments below.

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