COD Advanced Warfare getting Double XP, Gun Game and One Shot MoshPit this weekend

Looks like I’ll be playing Call of Duty Advanced Warfare this weekend as developers Sledgehammer Games have announced that Double XP, Gun Game and One Shot MoshPit are to be added to the game for this weekend only.

Announced via Social Media, this weekend’s activities are set to be a blast.


Gun Game has you progress up gun ladders by getting kills with pre-determined guns. Players win the match when they reach the final gun and get a kill with it, but they will move down the ladder if they get knifed. It’s huge fun and was a staple in past game, unfortunately the mode is not a regular one in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare so to play it we have this weekend only. The One Shot Moshpit, as the name suggests is for Snipers only.

Players will also get Double XP throughout the weekend, so if you were planning on Prestigeing then this is the best time. See you guys in the game!

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