Call of Duty: Ghosts Presents Ghost RAM

A few months back, someone posted the unofficial minimum system requirements for Call of Duty: Ghosts, which were extremely high. Many just disregarded them as a joke, citing that this series has always been known to accommodate low end PC gamers too. Later on, it was confirmed by Activision that the minimum specs leaked a few months back were true.

Nonetheless, most of the PC gamers just refused to believe it and bought the game, despite their systems not meeting the minimum system requirements. They came to a rude awakening on the launch day, when the game refused to work, giving an error message. Over 40 percent of the gamers who had pre-ordered the game were unable to run it. Most of them had 4 GB of RAM, which is sufficient enough to run Battlefield 4 on medium to high settings but apparently not Ghosts, causing an uproar in the PC community.


The game was tested out and the results just made it apparent that Activision has created a very weak PC port, bereaving lots of PC gamers of the game.. At medium settings the game only placed a maximum load of 1.5GB to 2GB on the memory. Anyone can surmise how much high settings will require: Obviously not more than 4gb. The gamers have officially given the title to the 6GB RAM requirement: ‘Ghost Ram’.  Some said that the extra ram is required for the fish, introduced for the first time in the underwater segment of the game.

A bypass has been made that can run the game on systems that have less than 6GB ram, but it is not recommended for steam users, as any sort of modification to the game files can result in a VAC ban, rendering the game useless. There has been no response from Activision on the matter yet, which has further angered the PC community. Many are demanding to get rid of the 6GB RAM requirement, which has been proven false. Call of Duty has definitely lost most of its user base due to this blunder; many will just defect (or already have defected) to Battlefield 4 while some are eagerly awaiting Titanfall. This latest entry in the long running franchise might just prove to be its downfall.

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