COD Ghosts Tip: Use Wiretap during launch month

Call of Duty Ghosts hit stores today and players who want to get the extra edge on launch will find this tip really useful. Wiretap is a brand new Perk introduced in Call of Duty Ghosts that costs 3 Perk points and is part of the Awareness Perk Class.

What Wiretap does is allows you to use all Friendly and Enemy SAT COMs on the map. SAT COMs are basically UAVs that you can place on the map and like every Call of Duty launch everyone will be spamming them. SAT COM is also one of the default streaks and since it takes a long time to earn Squad Points to unlock stuff in Call of Duty Ghosts so expect a lot of people to use the SAT COMs.


In my opinion Wiretap is one of the best Perks in the game as many players will be using it all year round and not just in the launch month, but it’s gonna be super effective right now.

So give it a try and let me know in the comments if you noticed an improvement in your scorelines.

Danial Arshad Khan

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