COD Modern Warfare Remastered Is Cheaper To Get With Infinite Warfare Than Standalone

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is finally available for purchase on the PS4 and it is standalone game after the initial bundle with the Legacy edition of Infinite Warfare. Although despite being an old remaster that was released as a standalone game after more than half year, the game still carries a price tag of $40, which is pretty expensive for a remaster. For comparison, the recently released Crash Bandicoot Trilogy remaster packs 3 games and it is being sold for $40.

The insane price for Modern Warfare Remastered has of course faced some backlash from fans but this didn’t stop Activision from keeping this price. They are even charging more for the additional DLC maps that were in the original game to begin with, simply adding more to the outrageous price and milking the fans of this classic.

You can get Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered from Amazon, PSN or Xbox Live for $40 however the same price can give you Infinite Warfare + Modern Warfare Remastered courtesy of the Legacy Edition of the game. Isn’t this outrageous? Well it is true and you can check out the price yourself in the image above.

Perhaps Activision will finally realize the error of their ways and lower the price of the game to $20 or something that is reasonable, but as it stands, it is simply cheaper to get the latest Call of Duty game with Modern Warfare Remastered than to get it just standalone.

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