COD WWII Uses Temporal Reconstruction Technique For 4K/60 On Xbox One X

COD WWII is an interesting case on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. The game uses a temporal reconstruction technique for its resolution that results in the image being rendered with the help of previous frames displayed on screen. This is not a new technique per se but it hasn’t been used in many games aside from the ones that require the developer to reach their 60 fps target.

Call of Duty: WWII appears to be one of these games and its uses this technique to reach its target of native 4K on Xbox One X but just like the PS4 Pro, it uses dynamic resolution scaling with the game. The difference here is that the PS4 Pro verison of the game never manages to hit 4K while the Xbox One X version can reach this target. This was confirmed in an analyze by VG Tech.

Even if we compare the lowest point of the resolution, the PS4 Pro version can hit 960×2160 on the low end and 2640×2160 on the high-end of the resolution, compared to the Xbox One X, which has a resolution ranging from 1920×2160 to 3840×2160, and it is already a massive leap while maintaining a steady frame rate.

The difference between the PS4 Pro and Xbox One is already big enough, but if we go with the Xbox One comparison, it is like a generation difference for users. The Xbox One version also uses dynamic scaling but peaks out at 900p which seems rather ridiculous next to the 4K target for Xbox One X. The game also offers better frame rate on the Xbox One X compared to the base Xbox One and without less screen tearing to boot.

Call of Duty: WWII is undoubtedly best played on the Xbox One X even if you own a PS4 Pro. The controller was already well suited for shooters but the release of the Xbox One X has made it the definitive console version.

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