Comparison Between PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 Bootups

PlayStation 4 has been officially launched to what is the most biggest launch in the history of PlayStation. We have already seen the bootup screen and the UI of the PlayStation 4 and it is pretty neat and simple. We took the PlayStation 4 bootup screen and pitched it against the bootup screen of its predecessors to see how far Sony has come with the PlayStation 4.


PlayStation or PSone was the first console by Sony to enter into the gaming market. It was the most successful console of its time and the first to use disc-based medium to deliver games. Relive the PSone era with this mesmerizing bootup screen:

PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2 or PS2 was the successor of the PSone. PlayStation 2 still holds the title of the most successful console, both critically and financially, by selling over 155 million units since its launch. Check out PS2’s iconic bootup screen:

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3  or PS3 was Sony’s answer to the seventh-generation of gaming consoles. Although PS3 faced numerous hiccups following its launch, with main points being that it was too expensive and also that the architecture to program on the PS3 had a difficult learning curve. These problems overshadowed PS3 and gave its competitor a reason to enjoy better looking multi-platform titles and what not. Later on in its lifecycle, PS3 did pick up and took the world over with Sony’s first-party studios coming out with magnificent games. Take a look at PS3’s bootup screen and bid farewell to the seventh-generation:

PlayStation 4

Say hello to the future. PlayStation 4, or PS4, has seen the biggest launch from Sony yet and what PS4 has shown, it really fits the slogan Sony gave to the next-generation console, “Greatness Awaits”. Enjoying a powerful hardware packed in a compact and sleek case along with being $100 cheaper than its competitor, PS4 marks its entry to the eight-generation competition. Take a look at how far Sony has come with PS4 and the bootup screen:

With all the bootup screens now in one place, which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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