Conan Exiles Early Access delayed to 2017, gets new screenshots

New images have been released for the upcoming Conan Exiles as players get to take a look at the exclusive pre-alpha footage which includes screenshots of the game’s open world and combat mechanics. Conan Exiles’ early access has also been delayed for January 2017, when it was previously supposed to release in September.

Creative Director of Funcom, Joel Bylos, explained that the studio has received ‘additional funding’, so they can work on the game a little further in order to enhance the Early Access experience.

“We want to take advantage of that and move Early Access to January 2017. With the extra time in development, we believe we can make a better game for you, the fans.”

Even though its only Early Access, the developer wants his game to be more stable, and not ‘buggy, unstable and unfinished.’

“Conan Exiles is a different type of game for us and we have approached its development with an eye for the mechanics that make the survival sandbox genre so compelling, while attempting to bring the style and flavor of the Conan universe.”

The game was previously detailed to be a ruthless and brutal one, with ‘heads coming off’, ‘arms coming off’ and ‘blood’ everywhere. You don’t play as Conan the barbarian, but rather as an exile who was left for dead.


Conan Exiles is mainly a multiplayer game, but can also be played alone, and is set to release for PC first. However, Funcom is also working on a console version.

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