Concrete Genie Update Version 1.03 Full Patch Notes

Concrete Genie update version 1.03 is available to download now on PS4. What exactly is included in this new patch for the PS4 exclusive?

Concrete Genie was developed by PixelOpus for PS4. The game also has PSVR mode that is separate from the main story. It launched on October 8, 2019, exclusively for the PS4. After the launch of the game, PixelOpus has released another new patch today.

Concrete Genie Update Version 1.03 Full Patch Notes

The latest patch brings the overall update size for the game to 4.1 GB. If you had already downloaded the day one update, you will be required to download roughly 500 MB more update data.

As for the patch notes for Concrete Genie 1.03, there are currently no official notes available. It should be mostly a patch to address the bugs that could be discovered after its launch earlier this month.

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