Confirmed changes and improvements coming to FIFA 19

This year’s FIFA game, FIFA 19 is almost here and as with every year developers EA are having influencers and YouTubers try out the game at various PR events.

FIFA 19 will like last year feature Cristiano Ronaldo on its cover who’s currently on fire at the World Cup. The game is set to build upon its current offerings like Ultimate Team and The Journey.

Following are some of the changes that are confirmed for FIFA 19 by players at these events:

  • Penalty Kicks are supposedly fixed, the ball will not go under the Goal Keepers arm as often. Shooting style has been changed
  • You can change the Goal Keepers position during a Free Kick
  • You can set players to auto-intercept or defend manually
  • Set your own quick tactics instead of the 8 standard ones (Formation/Custom Tactics)
  • LT+B (L2+0) to do volleys
  • LB+RB (L1+R1+0) to do low driven (Not as effective as previous games)
  • New reception moves
  • New skill moves
  • Iniesta signature move “La croqueta” confirmed
  • They want to make players like Busquets and Kroos to be more useful
  • New fake shot LB (L1)+fakeshot
  • New celebrations, to be revealed later
  • You can now skip your goal celebrations which’ll be a huge time saver
  • Scoring from Free Kicks will be more common
  • Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid players all have their face scanned
  • Timing shoot with double tap B(0), green and red indicators to show how well the timing went
  • On the minimap your players will be circles and your opponent triangles

FIFA 19 releases on September 28 later this year for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. A legacy version will also release for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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