This Is How A Console Ban On Xbox One Looks Like

Moonlightswami, the ever growing popular individual on twitter, who received his Xbox One way early before the release date because of a confusion at Target store which started shipping the consoles early, got his console banned when he tried going online.

Moonlightswami has been proving the internet with a lot of information and pictures about the Xbox One he received but ultimately got his console banned for going online early before the release date. Moonlightswami is trying to get into contact with Microsoft to plead his case for the console ban. He states that his console is only banned and not his Xbox LIVE Gamertag. We hope that Microsoft listens to his case and lifts his console ban as it is not the fault of the individual who received the console early because of a mistake made at the retailer’s end.

In the meanwhile you can have a look at how the console ban message looks like on the Xbox One when connection it to the internet:


Compared with the console ban on the Xbox 360, the message appears to be similar. Microsoft bans consoles which have been modified. Microsoft also reserves the right to ban unreleased or beta consoles according to the Xbox One Dev. Personally, the Xbox One Dev hopes that this ban is only temporary until the Xbox One is officially released.


What do you think about banning consoles which are shipped early to the customers who pre-ordered? Are these bans justifiable? Let us know in the comments below.

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