Control Ultimate Edition Reportedly Free For Season Pass Owners

Control Ultimate Edition offers a free upgrade to PS5 and Xbox Series X and it has been reported that it is showing up as free for current owners of the base game + season pass.

Remedy Entertainment developed Control but the main publisher behind it was 505 Games. They had recently confirmed that the next-generation upgrade for Control won’t be free for existing users, at least for those who don’t buy the Ultimate Edition.

There are multiple reports on social media accounts from players that appear to already own the Ultimate Edition. They had previously either bought the Deluxe Edition with Season Pass or bought the Season Pass separately.

So far, there is no confirmation from 505 Games whether the Ultimate Edition is now being offered free and if there is a shift in their policy when it comes to upgrading to the next-generation consoles for existing owners of the game.

Previously, the next-generation upgrade was only being offered for those who owned the Ultimate Edition of Control. It is also possible that this could be a simple mistake on the PlayStation Store.

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