Control’s Latest Update Has Reportedly Added DRM To The Game Breaking Steam Controller Support

Control’s latest update has added Photo mode but it might have made more changes than that on PC. According to some early reports, DRM has been introduced with this update.

The official patch notes for Control update 1.04 don’t mention any major changes for the PC version. They list the addition of Photo mode along with a couple of other fixes.


  • Photo Mode added. Accessible via Pause Menu
  • Bug fixes, combat and overall gameplay improvements


  • Improved title stability on all platforms


  • Fixed various issues with text appearance on the screen
  • Fixed multiple issues when incorrect or out of sync subtitles are showed for multiple languages


  • Fixed issue in Side Mission 5 when Remus did not spawn in NSC Energy Converters. (We found him.)
  • Fixed issue when Board Countermeasure: Kill enemies tracked kills incorrectly
  • Fixed multiple issues when Jesse could get stuck in the geometry
  • The game will no longer crash during the combat sequence in the Prime Candidate Program area

However, multiple users have discovered that DRM has been added to the game. Steam Controller Support is also not working since the update because it is no longer possible to launch the game offline or without the Epic Games Store launcher (via).

It is possible that this is a mistake and DRM was not added intentionally, so we will have to wait for an official word from Remedy or 505 Games, who are the publisher behind Control.

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