The ‘Core’ Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch is probably the rumored Pokemon Stars

Pokemon fans were disappointed when a few days before E3 Nintendo went ahead and announced Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon for the Nintendo 3DS, instead of the long rumored RPG for the Nintendo Switch. When E3 started Nintendo went ahead and shocked us all by confirming that a ‘Core’ Pokemon title is indeed coming to the Switch but it may not release for a year.

The game could very well be the long rumored Pokemon Stars, a supplementary title to the previously released Sun and Moon games. Rumors of that game have been around from as early as start of last year and for the time it made sense. The new ‘Core’ game being similar to the games released on the 3DS, Ultra Sun and Moon for example, would be understandable since we now know for sure that the 3DS and Switch can communicate with each other, making trading and other tasks possible. Nintendo and Game Freak will obviously want fans to buy new Pokemon games for both the Switch and 3DS so making them work with each other was a no brainer.

However many are now speculating the game to be instead in the vein of Pokemon XD, which was a standalone console RPG, different from the handheld titles of the time. I personally would prefer a more hardcore RPG as playing Persona 5 really made me think how great a Pokemon game would be in a similar setting.

Till Nintendo makes any further announcements all we can do is speculate, what do you think this ‘Core’ game would be? Pokemon Stars or a new standalone console title? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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