Corpse Party Finally Gets A Release Date On PC And Nintendo 3DS

XSEED Games has announced the release date of the upcoming Corpse Party for the Nintendo 3DS and PC. This game was already available on the PSP but it is getting a re-release on PC and Nintendo 3DS with slight differences.

Corpse Party on PC will feature the original game compared to the remake for PSP. This original game was much more violent and featured a different art style. It was remade for the PSP with a different art style and the violence was toned down. XSEED Games is finally releasing the unaltered version of the original on PC.


Corpse Party for the Nintendo 3DS is the same remake as the PSP version but with new extras and features that were not present for the PSP. It will include redrawn, high-resolution character sprites, newly arranged music tracks, and 3D art stills, as well as four new Extra Chapters that provide more insight into the story.

Corpse Party on PC will be released on April 25th for Steam, Humble and It can be bought for $14.99.

Corpse Party for the Nintendo 3DS will be released on the Nintendo eShop this Summer and can be bought for $29.99.

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