Cortana for Xbox One will not require Kinect, will work with Headsets

When Cortana was first announced for Xbox One back at E3 2015, Microsoft claimed that the Kinect would be a mandatory requirement for Cortana speech recognition. However, given the dwindling support for the camera device, it seems that the software giant has reconsidered its stance on the Kinect’s role in its plans for Cortana for Xbox One.


In a recent interview with Polygon, chief marketing officer for Xbox, Mike Nichols, revealed that when Cortana comes to the Xbox One, it will include support for both the Kinect and headsets. Additionally, as is the case with the Windows 10 version of Cortana, Xbox One owners will also be able to type in their search queries for the AI to resolve.

Kinect-driven gesture support seems to have taken a backseat in favor of voice control. According to Nichols, gestures are currently supported in the Xbox One experience, but the console maker has discovered that very few gamers actually use the feature. Therefore, the November dashboard update for Xbox One will see gesture support removed entirely.

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