Could this be our first look at one of Valve’s Steam Machines?

Those who followed Computex 2013 back in June will recall a rather sleek looking prototype for an HTPC enclosure on display at Silverstone’s booth. At first glance, you could easily be deceived into mistaking it for a game console. And sure enough, the form factor does embody the same design philosophy that goes into the development of console enclosures.

steam machine 3

Tentatively referred to as the ‘Raven’, this game console inspired PC enclosure hosts a number of features that are in perfect alignment with Valve’s plans to “combine high-end power with a living-room-friendly form factor” with the Steam Machines. For starters, Valve’s recently announced dimensions for its prototype hardware sound fairly (if not very) similar to those of this case. The latter does appear to be a little bigger in terms of height, however.

steam machine 5

The interesting bit is that this case comes with a GPU riser kit, fully equipped with brackets that firmly hold the graphics card in a horizontal orientation. Furthermore, a radiator placed right beneath the GPU ensures that it stays cool, even when taxed with a lot of hard work. With the potential to host the largest GPUs and a high-end water cooling solution, this case sure can pack quite a punch. At a stated form factor height of just 2.9 inches for its prototype, the only way Valve would ever be able to squeeze a high-end GPU (such as the Nvidia GTX Titan) into its enclosure is if it adheres to a similar underlying layout and accommodation of components.

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With SteamOS and the Steam Machines, Valve aims to add a lot of accessibility to PC gaming, without having to strip it of the benefits it is generally associated with. We are already aware that Valve is collaborating with several hardware partners who will be building bouquet PCs for it. It’s very likely, then, that Silverstone’s “high-end living room” enclosure may become a vital component in at least one flavor of such Steam Machine packages.

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