Crackdown 3 Starring Terry Crews Coming Out This November

Crackdown 3

Microsoft is getting ready to release their open world action-adventure game, Crackdown 3. The game was set to be released last year, but was delayed til 2017.

Now, during the Microsoft Press Conference, fans who have been waiting for the game, finally got a release date for Crackdown 3. The game will star famous Hollywood actor, Terry Crews, as he cracks down on crime in November 7th. You can check out the new Crackdown 3 trailer below:

In the game, players control superheroes who take down criminals. The previous games of the series took reality out of the division, and the players could do whatever they wanted. Now the upcoming title takes things to a whole new level, as players can not only throw enemies around, but entire buildings as well. While playing Crackdown, players can do whatever they want, without having to face any consequences.

The upcoming title is a part of Xbox’s “Play Anywhere” games, so you can play the game on multiple consoles. Crackdown 3 is set to be released for the Xbox One and PC on November 7th.

Abdullah Raza


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