Crazy Dead Rising 3 Glitch Shows “Raining Zombies”

Dead Rising 3 is a huge open world game and just like most open world games, it is bound to get some glitches. This glitch also puts the user under the map but in somewhat a weird way, the zombies start raining down from the sky.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by user MrFlurple. Check it out below.

Grand Theft Auto V has also seen plenty of this “Under The Map” type of glitch but we have never seen one with raining zombies. In the case of Dead Rising 3, the user glitched out when trying one of the vehicles and he couldn’t get out. He finally managed to end with a “loading” black screen although the raining zombies made this a cool glitch. You can also see the map and it definitely appears bigger than the usual Dead Rising maps.

Dead Rising 3 was released exclusively on Xbox One as a launch title.

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