How To Create Japanese User Account For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is region free which allows users to import and play games from different regions without any restriction. The region free feature also works online this means it is possible to create a Japanese region digital account to download some the region exclusive demos on the Nintendo Switch.

There is a simple way to create a Japanese user account for Switch and you can follow the steps listed in the guide below to create one.

  • First create a new Nintendo account at and then set the region as Japan.
  • Power up your Nintendo Switch and create a new user. Link that account with the Japanese account you just created.
  • Login into the account to gain access to the Japanese eShop for downloading demos and other goodies.

In order to purchase content from the Japanese eShop, you will need to either get the Japanese eShop balance cards from websites like or you can also use a credit card that is enabled for international purchases, although this method hasn’t been fully verified yet.

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Once you have purchase eShop balance card, you will have to redeem it in your account and this can be accomplished by selecting the third option ‘Redeem Code’ from the menu on the left of the screen.

Nintendo Switch is available now worldwide and retails at $299.

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