Creator of Owlboy creates an amazing Chrono Break mockup trailer

A sequel to the Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross games has been requested by fans for years. A while back Square Enix registered a ‘Chrono Break’ trademark which was assumed by many to be the next entry in the series, unfortunately nothing about that project came to fruition.

Today Simon Anderson, the creator of indie platformer Owlboy, released a mockup trailer for Chrono Break that honestly looks amazing. Resembling an updated Chrono Trigger artstyle, the game would would be a joy to play even in this day and age.

What you’re about to see does not exsist. It is not endorsed, licensed or under development. I make game sequel mockups for fun, and after planning to do this for years, I finally convinced myself to bring this to life. Enjoy.

Check out the trailer below:

Anderson states he created a small game inside a game engine to make everything look so good:

I essentially built a mini game in a game engine, then programmed it to behave in a way that would be pleasing to film. Then cut it together.

Although certainly not playable in its current state, I’d pay for a spiritual successor to Trigger if done to what is seen in the above trailer. Square Enix could always revive the IP too, that would certainly be nice no?

Chrono Trigger came out in 1995 for the Super NES to critical acclaim, the game was followed by Chrono Cross for the Playstation 1 in 1999 which was sort of an indirect sequel.

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