Cricket 19 Update Version 1.08 released on PS4, Xbox One and Switch

Cricket 19 Update Version 1.08 has been released on the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The game is also scheduled to release for PC sometime later in the year.

Developed by Big Ant Studios in collaboration with Maximum Games, Cricket 19 is the official game of the Ashes Series.

Cricket 19 1.08 Patch Notes

  • Tuned AI scoring rates in long form matches.
  • Adjusted pitch progression system.
  • Improved visual wear of pitches during multi-day matches.
  • Added option for AI to make Fields/Bowling Changes for the user.
  • Added ‘Randomise’ Button to Match Settings screen.
  • Academy: Added ‘Replace All’ option to perform ‘Get Best’ on all teams in a league.
  • Academy: Fixed issue with unlinking teams.
  • Scenario Mode: Added screen showing Scenario Completion detail.
  • Scenario Mode: AI bowlers selected from scenario bowling order.
  • Scenario Mode: Fixed issue preventing completion of ‘Record Chasers!’ scenario.
  • Career: Fixed cases where edits to player appearance would not be saved.
  • Career: Added ‘Copy Appearance From Academy’ when commencing career.
  • Online: Added Connection Quality indicator in Pre-Match lobby.
  • Online: Quick matches now played at a random stadium.
  • Assorted improvements to UI.
  • Stability improvements.

Cricket 19 Update Version 1.08 is available now to download.

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