The Crimson Court DLC Announced For Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic indie RPG that places an emphasis on the stresses and strains of dungeon crawling. Now, the developers have announced that the first piece of downloadable content for the game named, “The Crimson Court.” As of yet, other than the promo image below, nothing else has been revealed.

Developed by Red Hook Studios, Darkest Dungeon tasks players with recruiting and leading a band of heroes on a perilous journey hundreds of feet below the earth. As the heroes do battle with the enemies in these dungeons, they develop afflictions such as stress, paranoia and fear.


These afflictions play a major role in the gameplay as characters who become afflicted with these are unable to fight properly or even perform other actions. The game also features a very punishing perma-death feature, meaning that if your heroes die while exploring a dungeon, they remain dead for good.


Here are some of the features of the game:

  • Invest in unique character skills, manage your loadout, and customize your party to your play style.
  • Learn and master tactical positioning and skill combos.
  • Battle a huge variety of enemies with challenging attacks and innovative mechanics.
  • Use your party as a single fighting unit – set up and unleash combos using multiple characters to devasting effect!
  • Face down intimidating bosses.
  • Get obliterated by intimidating bosses!

Back in August, the game was also announced to be making its way to PlayStation platforms, and because the game features a cross-save and cross-buy functionality, you can purchase Darkest Dungeon on one platform, and it will be automatically available on the other ones as well.

Darkest Dungeon Makes It's Way To The PlayStation 4 And Vita

The Crimson Court DLC is available for all platforms in early 2017.

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