Criterion Pulls The Handbrake On Need For Speed Underground Remake Rumors

Criterion’s Creative Director Alex Ward, has seemingly pulled the handbrake on any Need For Speed Underground reboot rumors via his twitter today.

It seems that EGM sparked rumors that there was a possible reboot of the 2003 popular street racing title on the way, after someone sent them an image [below] in an email. Alex Ward was quick to stamp out the rumors by tweeting “Totally Fake. Remakes and reboots? #movedon”.

There’s nothing to say that the tweet was aimed at such claims, but it does look very likely at this time, after all, we all know Criterion isn’t shy of a reboot or a remake after the company released a remake of 2005’s Most Wanted last year.

Criterion however, do have something up their sleeves as a number of employees of the NFS developers Linkdin profiles have been caught mentioning an “unknown racing title” in development for EA .

Would you like to see a remake of NFS: Underground?

[Via Nowgamer]

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