Crystal Dynamics Were Aiming For 60 FPS On PS4/XB1, Failed To Meet The Target On Xbox One

It has been recently revealed that Tomb Raider is running at an average of 30 fps on the Xbox One and an average of 60 fps on the PS4. This really shouldn’t be taken as a surprise. According to an insider on popular gaming forums NeoGAF, Crystal Dynamics originally aimed to target 60 fps on both, the PS4 and Xbox One.

DemoNite is a well known industry insider on NeoGAF and according to him, the last time he heard about Tomb Raider on the PS4 and Xbox One, Crystal Dynamics were ‘hopeful’ to achieve 60 fps on both platforms.

I heard about this a while ago but they were hopeful to get both the same at the time. Oh well

On raw specs alone, the PS4 definitely trumpets over the Xbox One so it should not be surprising to see games running better on the PS4. DemoNite heard a few third party developers saying the same thing.

I caught wind of this before console launches when a few 3rd party devs were saying the same things.

Running code on the PS4 by raw power alone would already be better than the Xbox and required a lot of optimisation.

If this remains true then there will be more of the same. I hear the rock is not steady on another project.

While the Xbox One is relatively new and developers require time and effort to fully achieve its potential, this is usually not possible for time constraint projects like Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. PS4 having the better specs and raw power requires far less effort than the Xbox One, and as a result, it seems that multiplatform ports fare better on the PS4.

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