Crystal Dynamics: Tress FX Was Custom Written And Optimized For PlayStation 4/Xbox one

Crystal Dynamics executive producer comments on Tress FX on next generation consoles and how they especially optimized it to run smoothly on next generation consoles.

Tomb Raider is getting a next generation make-over on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Since the new consoles pack far more power compared to the old ones, we can definitely expect improvements from this re-release. Crystal Dynamics is promising graphical updates along with Tress FX for the first time on consoles.

Tress FX originally launched with Tomb Raider on PC and was especially optimized for AMD graphic cards. Hence it ran rather poor on non-AMD graphic cards. Still, it seemed to be a little costly “next generation” feature, although with patches, it was optimized to some degree.

Crystal Dynamics executive producer Scot Amos talked about the Definitive Edition of Tomb Raider on the official forums, explaining in detail how they are handling these next generation ports. According to Scott Amos, Tress FX was custom written and optimized for next generation consoles.

All of the details for Lara are there… we even added special materials that dynamically change for her when she wades through mud, or gets blood on her, or when in rain/wet so it ties her more into the world’s state as she goes. TressFX was custom written and optimized for Lara this first-time out for us on Next-gen as we hadn’t ever done it before on consoles.

He also promises full HD resolution but doesn’t really give any proper answer to the frame rate of the final product.

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