Crytek CEO: Ryse NOT a “downgrade”, only upgrades from now on, promises Full HD [Update]

Earlier this week, we reported that Ryse received a downgrade from 150k Polygon count to 85k Polygon count per character. This reduction in Polygons was officially confirmed by Yerli and he stated that they wanted better shaders with no Level-of-details to further enhance the graphics.

Yerli has now followed on his earlier tweet that Ryse now looks far better compared to the E3 build. He says that they have not only enhanced the shaders, they have also worked on implementing real-time physics for the clothes. Perhaps, so they appear more realistic and provide a much more impressive experience.

Yerli then followed with another tweet insisting that there have been no “downgrades” and then added “Only UPGRADES in the final push towards finalling phase!”. He also talks about Full HD experience for Ryse. This last statement is slightly confusing since Ryse was officially confirmed by Microsoft to be running at native 900p, which was supposed to be downgrade from the original 1080p. You can read his tweets below


What do you think about his new statements? Do you believe he is telling the truth. Let us know in the comments.

Update: Crytek CEO has clarified on Twitter that Ryse runs at 900p but upscales to 1080p for native 1080p experience.  Of course, techincally, this isn’t native 1080p, more of a upscale, but since Yerli himself believes it as native 1080p, i guess we can believe him, right? Read the tweet below

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