Cubotrox Is Set To Release Today Via Steam

Spanish game developer, Barberians Game Studio, has today announced that its new puzzle game “Cubotrox” will be released today on PC. The game will be available on Steam for everybody.

The people over in Spain gave the following statement today:

“Hi, The Gaming Ground. Everybody is talking about Dishonored 2 this week. But we know you love Indie games and we are sure you’ll love Cubotrox too, its hardcore mechanics and its tribute to other Indie games like Nuclear Throne and Crypt of the Necrodancer among others. That’s why we are sending a Steam key for you.”


Cubotrox is an addictive puzzle game where you have to fill the background pictures by catching and arranging cubes. There are over 100 challenging levels for you with a chance to get your name in the global world rankings. The game gives a retro feel with its 80’s background music that keeps the mood going. You can see the launch trailer of the game attached below:

Though the game releases today, but if you just cannot wait for it, then we’ve good the perfect news for you. You can play a demo version right now on PC or Mac until you get your hands on the full version.


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