Cuphead Hits 3 Million Sales Milestone Across The PC And Xbox One

Studio MDHR has announced today that Cuphead has now sold through 3 million copies across the PC and Xbox One. The game is available as a console exclusive on the Xbox One with a PC version for Windows 10 Store and Steam.

Cuphead was considered a success with 1 million copies sold within its launch month and it has managed to smash even that number with the 3 million copies sold in less than a year. This was revealed by Studio MDHR on Twitter.

Studio MDHR is celebrating the success of Cuphead with a huge sale on Steam and Xbox One for the game. They are also currently working on a DLC for it that was teased at E3 2018.

This DLC will add a new playable character ‘The Chalice’ to the game and includes new levels and boss fights to tackle for the players. The title of this DLC is The Delicious Last Course! and it is expected to launch sometime later next year.

Cuphead was a critical and commercial hit at launch. It is an indie game from Studio MDHR that has managed to grab the attention of others due to its old-school art style. It is basically inspired by the 1930s cartoons thus invoking nostalgic memories for a lot of people, however, the game was better known for its hardcore and brutal difficult boss fights.

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