Cuphead Launches For iOS App Store Today, Turns Out To Be A Fake Unofficial Port

Cuphead is perhaps one of the most promising indie platformer in recent years and when it silently launched today on the iOS App Store, I was tempted enough to make an article on it. Unfortunatley, as it turns out, the launch of the game was not official and instead it was all an elaborate fake by someone who had managed to port the game to iOS.

This is confirmed by a tweet from official Studio MDHR developer who stated that this was a scam. The developers have never actually confirmed an iOS release so when the game was seen on the App Store, most people were surprised by it, especially the price of the game, which turned out to be rather cheap at $4.99.

Early reports have indicated that this is indeed the game but seems to be a rather shoddy port for it. Since there is no official announcement yet, our recommendation is to wait for an official word if Cuphead is even heading to the iOS App Store or Android marketplace.

Cuphead is currently available on the Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam. The game was developed by Studio MDHR and published by Microsoft. It is a console exclusive to Xbox One so don’t expect to see it on PS4 or Nintendo Switch, however there is always the chance that a mobile release can happen at sometime in the future.

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