This Custom Themed Xbox One Kinect Mount Looks Seriously Impressive

If you have an Xbox One, you will definitely want to have this custom themed Kinect mount, made by one particular user for his Kinect.

This custom themed Kinect mount was made by reddit user soopahdoob. We gotta admire his passion for his Xbox One as this looks really neat. He also details how he made this Kinect mount on reddit. If you are interested in making your own, you can also try your hand at it.

The first one is generally expensive because of CAD design and prototyping.

Just materials (stainless and colored polycarb) you’re looking at around 20ish dollars, then there’s cutting time, press brake time, cost of the pressed in bolt, and finishing. Your mileage could vary, but if these were being produced and sold, I’d think a decent production shop could sell one for about $40 and still profit.

Check it out in pictures below.

kinect-mount-4 kinect-mount-3 kinect-mount-2 kinect-mount-1

What do you think of his efforts? Let us know in the comments below.

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