This Custom White Painted DualShock 4 Controller Can Be Yours For Only $110

Recently we showed you how one enthusiastic DualShock 4 owner took apart his newly bought DualShock 4 and custom painted it white. Due to the textured back, he couldn’t paint the back with white and ended up with a gorgeous looking combination of black and white, just like a Storm Trooper from Star Wars.

Reddit user, utc, has now extended his services to anyone who would like to avail them. He currently is selling out the custom painted white DualShock 4 on ebay so that others can also avail the chance of buying the white DualShock 4 without going through the tedious task of custom painting themselves, that too with the risk of danger. The custom white DualShock 4 is up on ebay and can be yours for only $110 if you buy instantly or you can start bidding on the controller. The controller, after painting it white, is repackaged in its original packaging and looks completely like a white DualShock 4 officially from Sony themselves.

whiteds4ebayThe seller used Duplicolor Adhesion Promoter, Krylon Fusion, and Krylon Fusion Clear to paint the DualShock 4 white. So far the official colours in which DualShock 4 was announced to be available are; the standard Black, Red and Blue. We will see an official White DualShock 4 controller soon but it could be possible that it might release with a White version of the PlayStation 4, and going by that it could take a while to appear on the shelves.

If you can’t wait and would like to get your hands on a White DualShock 4 then look no further. The custom job is excellent and holds pretty well. You can see more pictures of the controller over here.

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