D4 Season 1 coming to PC on June 5 for $15

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die creator Hidetaka “SWERY65” Suehiro revealed in an interview with Famitsu that the first season of the game will be releasing for PC on June 5. The game will retail for $15 and include all DLC released for the previously exclusive Xbox One version.

SWERY also teased Season 2 with a brand new screenshot, hopefully that releases soon. D4 is a crazy adventure that is a good refresher after playing so many of Telltale’s games.


D4: Dark Dream Don’t Die was previously Xbox One exclusive but will now release on PC. It is still not clear if Season 2 of the game will release on Xbox first or if it will be multiplatform from the get-go but don’t worry as we’ll keep you updated.

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die on PC will include a wide variety of changes and improvements including higher resolutions and gameplay improvements. Check out the full changelog here.

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