Dan Greenawalk talks Forza Motorsport 5; requires one-time internet connection

Although Microsoft revoked it’s ‘online every 24 hours’ policy, Forza Motorsport 5 will still require a one-time internet connection.

Dan Greenawalt, the studio head at Forza developer Turn 10 Studios, spoke to IGN and talked about Forza Motorsport 5.

“So when you first boot up the game, we’re going to ask you to log in,” he said “And when you log in you’re going to get the Drivatars and you’re also going to get a whole bunch of content: tracks and cars. Our production schedule is such that we are putting them in as late as possible and that means making them free as downloadable content on Day One.

“[But] that is required content to play the game. We basically have designed the game to work with all that content no matter how late is coming in, in order to make the biggest game possible.”


So, apparently, games are first submitted to Microsoft for testing and certification before being sold. Since Forza 5 needs to completed before the Xbox One launches, a part of the game will be given to you through the internet. In other words, you will buy the uncompleted version of the game at the store. This version will be complete when you download a file for the game from the internet.

Comparing Forza 5 to a (get this) refrigerator, Dan said You have to fill it up with food the first time. And from then on, you connect whenever you want when you want to update your food. The Drivatars are as fresh as they are. It’s not like they’re going to degrade, but when you’re looking for new stuff – fresh stuff…it’s going to keep evolving. That’s the nature of this Drivatar system.”

For those of you who missed it, Drivatar is basically an Artificial Intelligence that races using your techniques. As you play the game, the AI will notice how you do specific things, and will mimic these. The AI will try to race like you do.

“You do have to connect the game in order to get the latest Drivatars, because we need as many people training them as possible. And so rather than having just a launch-day set that was created by us, every day that people race is going to make the Drivatar set that much more accurate, that much more diverse, that much more interesting.” said Dan ”

“All of the cloud and online features make the game far, far better,” Greenawalt summed up. “In fact I’d even say revolutionary. The things we’re doing with opponents and Drivatar are not something that anyone can envision unless you’ve played it. But we’re trying to get as much of that into the unconnected, offline mode as well. We’re not making a launch game. We’re making Forza 5, at launch.”

Thanks, IGN.

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