Dark Souls 2 Early PS3 Build vs Retail Build Shows Severely Downgraded Lighting And Graphics

Now that Dark Souls 2 is officially out in the wild, it is time to examine the claims of the lighting and graphics downgrade. Unfortunately, the worse has come true, and the lighting and graphics have seem to take a hit, confirmed by other reviews as well. What’s worse here is the fact that the early PS3 build of Dark Souls 2 – that had playable demo, and shown in many of the trailers/videos – showed no such downgrade. So what exactly went wrong here?

Below, you can see two GIFs, one of them is from the PlayStation Access video, which showed an early build of the PS3 version. The other GIF is from the retail version of the game. You can easily see the downgrade in this GIF, where the lighting and graphics have seem to taken a hit.

Early Build Retail Build

Gamespot review also mentioned this downgrade in lighting, claiming that it makes the game look washed out at some places. However, as you can see in our comparison between PS3 vs Xbox 360 version for Dark Souls 2, the game still looks beautiful despite the different lighting solution, although the quality of the graphics is rather inconsistent. It might look beautiful at some places and ugly at others.

Here is another screenshot comparison for both builds. The PS3 build is from January 2014 while the other screenshot is from the retail version of the game.

Retail Build
Early Build

Dark Souls 2 will be available on the PS3 and Xbox 360 today. The PC version will release on April 25th, it is unknown whether this lighting downgrade carries over to the PC version or not. There is no word yet on a PS4 or Xbox One release.

Thanks (NeoGAF)

What do you think about this difference between the early build and the retail build? Let us know in the comments below.

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