Dark Souls 2 Graphics Engine Effects

Yui Tanimura shares some new information about the graphics engine of the upcoming Dark Souls 2 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.  In an interview with the Official Playstation Magazine on Jan. 28, the game director said that the development team are paying extra attention to the light and shadow movements of the game. Which will result in a “more photo-realistic visuals,” and it also adds some new gameplay elements.

In the interview he said, ” Our brand new engine allows us to illustrate more photo-realistic visuals and make more effective use of the contrast between light and dark. We have put emphasis on moving shadows and movement of light, which are not only visual enhancements but will also have a lot to do with the strategies and tactics the player might decide to take.”

He, Yui Tanimura, explained the effects this new engine. Using a pitch dark cave as an example. He stated that players will be given choices. They will have to pick between using a shield or a torch in order to navigate the area or they could also find a light switch on one of the stone faces on the wall.

One of the biggest issues, was the frame rate. Which ruined the gameplay experience. The new graphics engine appears to have resolved the issue somewhat while providing new elements such as the enhanced graphic effects.

Dark Souls 2 is coming out on PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC. The game will be released on the 11th of match for the PS3 and Xbox 360 while there is no official release date for the PC version of the game.

Abdullah Raza


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