Dark Souls 3 Guide: How to get all 3 endings

If you’ve blazed your way through to the end of Dark Souls 3 and wondering how to access the three different endings then don’t worry and read on below.

Dark Souls 3 has three different endings that can range from super easy to super hard on the difficulty scale depending on the one you decide to go for. The first one is the easiest and can be accessed without doing anything special.

Dark Souls 3 – To Link the First Flame

dark souls 3 ending

This one is super simple as all you have to do is defeat the game’s last boss and find the bonfire at the end of the boss area. Interacting with the bonfire will give you a prompt which will then show off Dark Souls 3’s first ending.

Dark Souls 3 – The End of Fire

dark souls 3 ending

To get this ending follow the steps below:

  • Travel to the Untended Graves optional area
  • Beat Champion Gundyr if you haven’t already
  • Move towards the Dark Firelink Shrine and look around for the Eyes of a Firekeeper key item (found behind the wall in the bottom area)
  • Give the item to the Firekeeper
  • Defeat Soul of Cinder but DON’T access the bonfire
  • Look around and you’ll be able to summon the Firekeeper which prompts this ending

There is also an alternate version of this ending which can be accessed by killing the Firekeeper  before the screen fades to black. Do note that you’ll only have a few seconds so act quick.

Dark Souls 3 – Usurpation of Fire

dark souls 3 ending

This ending is the hardest to get in Dark Souls 3 and will take you sometime to get so get the snacks ready. As always follow the steps below:

  • Travel to the Undead Settlement, talk to Yoel of Londor near the broken bridge and have him join you at Firelink Shrine
  • Yoel allows you to get a level for every two times you die and you have to get 5 levels from him. Quickest way is to keep throwing yourself off the nearby cliffs
  • After leveling up 5 times, Yoel will be dead and Yuria of Londor will be in his place. Talk to her and continue down the Road of Sacrifice till you get to Anri and Horace. Continue down to the Catacombs of Carthus after talking to them
  • Take the stairs right before the main hall to find Anri, don’t tell her where Horace is and continue on
  • Cut the Rope Bridge ahead and go down to Smouldering Lake
  • Stay close to the right wall till you find a cave, go in and kill Horace there
  • Go all the way back to Firelink Shire and talk to Yuria
  • Now go the Church Bonfire in Irithyll and talk to Anri
  • After talking to her leave and make sure to not attack any of the statues
  • Beat Pontiff Sulyvahn and talk to Yuria in Firelink Shrine
  • Go back to Irithyll and head towards the Pontiff bonfire
  • Now you need to go to Darkmoon Tomb, to get there go to the lever that takes you to Andor Londo and you’ll find an illusory wall nearby which you need to go inside of
  • Talk to the pilgrim nearby to get a ceremonial sword, after getting it just head on into the tomb and talk to Anri
  • Make sure to not reverse your hallowing after this part
  • Defeat the Soul of Cinder and interact with the bonfire which will give you this final ending

So what are you waiting for adventurer? Go on and unlock these endings!

Dark Souls 3 is out now for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC

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