Dark Souls Creator: “I Do Want To Work On Something New”

Dark Souls series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki talks about the newest installment in the series, Dark Souls 3, and how it will be a “turning point” in the franchise as a whole. Miyazaki also reveals his future plans since he is willing to start new projects and try new genres.

“Dark Souls is my life’s work,” he said. “Everything I came up with for Dark Souls 3 is based on my personal preferences. However, Dark Souls 3 is also actually the turning point for the franchise.”

“I do want to work on something new,” he continued. “I’m pleased to hear people are interested in seeing that.”

If you can read in-between these words, you can sense that there is something already in development and will be revealed soon. Will we see it in Paris or maybe next year’s E3 ? Will it be something with the same cruelty and hardcore as the Dark Souls franchise or will it be easier and more welcoming to newcomers ? A lot of questions that still need to be answered.


Dark Souls III is expected to release early 2016 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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