Dark Souls III beta client available to download for PS Plus subscribers

The beta client for From Software’s Dark Souls III has quietly made its way to the Playstation Network, and is now available to download for all PS Plus subscribers in North America. This network stress test will be conducted exclusively on the PS4, and it is scheduled to begin on October 16. Access to the beta will not be granted until then.

Given that the game servers have yet to go live, booting up the beta client now will lead to the following message:


Follow the link here to add the Dark Souls III network stress test client to your PSN account library. The file size is 3.062GB to be exact.

Through the data collected via this beta program, the developer is hoping to better prepare for the final game’s online system functionality and improve the overall gameplay experience for the end user.

The main testing features have been outlined as follows:

  • Server stress tests
  • Multiplayer gameplay tests
  • Improvements towards game balancing/tuning

dark souls III 2

For the multiplayer gameplay tests, you will be paired up with a maximum of 5 other players. A detailed beta schedule for each region can be seen by following the link here.

Dark Souls III is scheduled to arrive on the PS4 and Xbox One on March 24, 2016 in Japan. Meanwhile, the game will get a Western release sometime in the month of April. A release date for the PC version has yet to be announced by publisher Namco Bandai. Stay tuned for further information regarding the Dark Souls III beta as it becomes available.


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