Dark Souls III – New Patch And Big Announcement Coming Soon

Dark Souls III developers, FromSoftware, are working on a new patch for the game. Patch 1.11 is set to come out on August 25th, for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The previous patch, Patch 1.10, made minor changes to Dark Souls III, however, this patch has a lot more changes than the previous one.

The upcoming patch includes a few bug fixes, such as the buggy sound effects when using the Lightning Spear, as well as a few weapon balances and other flaws that effected the game.

A list of all the changes included in the patch are listed below:

  • The length of the Hammer skill, Perseverance (reduce damage when activated), has been increased
  • Delayed the movement cancel timing of certain medium shields upon guard break
  • Removed the ability to parry when using the skills Blind Spot (Corvian Greatknife, Handmaid’s dagger) and Dancer’s Grace (Dancer’s Enchanted Swords)
  • Adjusted the shield penetration properties of Harpe, Shotel, Crescent Moon Sword, Carthus Shotel, Man Serpent Hatchet and Darkdrift
  • Fixed a bug where sound effects did not play properly when using Lightning Spears in quick succession
  • The attack cancel timing for rapiers equipped in the left hand has been adjusted
  • Several balance issues have been adjusted
  • Flaws have been fixed to improve performance

Aside from the patch, the official Dark Souls twitter revealed that they will be making a huge announcement on the August 24th.

Fans are hoping that the announcement has something to do with the DLC that they were promised back in June. Earlier this year, Bandai Namco announced that they will be releasing two DLCs this year for Dark Souls III.

dark souls III 2

Bandai Namco stated that the first DLC will be released by Fall, which means that the announcement will most probably be the related to the DLC.

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Back in April, we reviewed Dark Souls III. The game provides the ultimate Dark Souls experience, and is an improvement over the previous Dark Souls game, Dark Souls II. Dark Souls III is a must-play for both, Dark Souls and RPG fans.

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