Dauntless update 1.61 released; patch notes for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch

Dauntless is one of the most popular and well done clones of the Monster Hunter series. Every Monster Hunter fan is recommended to try out Dauntless and with update 1.61 they have brought the game even further to their goals of a better but free-to-play Monster Hunter.

Dauntless update 1.61 released; patch notes and more details

With update 1.61 they brought quite a lot of changes, for example the Galvanized cell grants increased critical strike chance based on the amount of shield stacks you have and at higher ranks it also grants increased critical strike damage. For every 150 / 125 / 100 / 85 / 70 / 50 shields, gain +1% bonus critical strike chance. Ranks 4 through 6 also gain 5 / 10 / 15% critical strike damage.

They also added the omnicells in Dauntless update 1.61. Omnicells are new craft able gear that provide a wide range of build options to let you strategize around your preferred playstyle, as well as plan for specific encounters. Experiment to find the playstyle that best suits you!

Omnicells added to dauntless 1.61

The Heroic Escalation has been added to Dauntless now. You will have one Heroic Escalation available to play every week. Battle your way to new variations of keystone Behemoths with updated moves and combos. Come back each week to see if you’re up for the challenge, and put your skills to the test to earn elemental crowns and more.

The Wild Thunder Hunter pass has also been released in Dauntless. Unlock the styles of the Ostian Hinterlands Rangers. Operating mostly in secret beyond territory frequented by the Slayers of Ramsgate, they’ve sworn to protect the settlers abandoned by Ostigaard’s Imperial Triumvirate. A returning threat will force them to seek the aid of the exiled Admiral Zai.

The Reward Cache Refresh also comes with this update, it is updating with a brand new set of armour based on the Ostian Hinterwilds, as well as new weapon skins. Unlock the Hinterwilds armour set, five weapon skins, and more using seasonal Ostian coins earned by completing weekly and daily challenges.

Some bug fixes and quality of life changes have also been released you can find all the patch notes to Dauntless update 1.61 here.

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