Until Dawn Collectibles Guide: How To Get All Death Totems

Until Dawn allows the players to collect various items including Totems. These Totems are divided into five different categories. This guide covers the locations of Death Totems, which are marked as a Black Butterfly in the game.

The locations below are listed in chronological order of the story while the Totem number might be out of order in the game.

PROLOGUE – Death Totem #1 (Character = Beth)

This Totem will be the very first Totem in the game so it is impossible to miss it. You can locate this Totem during the prologue chapter when you turn on flashlight on your phone. The Totem can be seen flashing on the main path.

CHAPTER 4 – Death Totem #2 (Character = Chris)

You will be able to find this Totem when you take control of Chris in Chapter 4. As the path forks, you need to head right, towards the bar, and then take a left to a new path. Follow this path to the end to find this Death Totem.

CHAPTER 5 – Death Totem #3 (Character = Mike)

Exploring the Sanatorium as Mike, you will reach an area with a set of stairs going down to a new location. You will notice giant windows in this room in the back. You will have to walk around the stairs to the window for this Death Totem.

CHAPTER 5 – Death Totem#2 (Character = Matt)

When players take control of Matt, head left from the cable car and approach the picnic table. You will recognize this place from Chapter 1. The Death Totem can be located near the picnic table.

CHAPTER 7 – Death Totem#2 (Character = Emily)

During the segment in the mines when you are playing as Emily, you will need to power an elevator. You need to go behind the nearby ladder instead of climbing it to find this Death Totem.

CHAPTER 9 – Death Totem #6 (Character = Sam)

Playing as Sam in the mines, instead of dropping down or going through a door, you will have to go up a set of stairs to the right. Follow this path to the end to find this Death Totem.

Until Dawn was developed by Supermassive Games, who used the Killzone Shadow Fall engine for the game. It is published by Sony Computer Entertainment and released exclusively for the PS4 on August 25th.

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