Until Dawn Collectibles Guide: How To Get All Guidance Totems

Until Dawn allows the players to collect various items including Totems. These Totems are divided into five different categories. This guide covers the locations of Guidance Totems, which are marked as a Yellow Butterfly in the game.

The locations below are listed in chronological order of the story while the Totem number might be out of order in the game.

CHAPTER 1 – Guidance Totem #1 (Character = Sam)

This totem is automatically acquired as part of the tutorial in Chapter 1. You have to interact with the informational sign on Native American symbols.

CHAPTER 2 – Guidance Totem #2 (Character = Chris)

When you take control of Chris in Chapter 2, don’t go inside the Lodge. Go directly towards the screen to find this Totem in a hidden location.

CHAPTER 3 – Guidance Totem #3 (Character = Mike)

When players are controlling Mike with Jessica, you can find this Totem out in the open after Jessica tells Mike about her prank.

CHAPTER 4 – Guidance Totem #4 (Character = Mike)

In the mines, after walking down the stairs, immediately head to the left to find this Guidance Totem.

CHAPTER 5 – Guidance Totem #5 (Character = Matt)

After sidling around the cable car station as Matt and Emily, go left instead of up the hill to find this guidance totem.

CHAPTER 6 – Guidance Totem #6 (Character = Emily)

At the base of the fire tower, take control of Emily and grab the guidance totem under the picnic table.

Until Dawn was developed by Supermassive Games, who used the Killzone Shadow Fall engine for the game. It is published by Sony Computer Entertainment and released exclusively for the PS4 on August 25th.

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