Until Dawn Collectibles Guide: How To Get All Loss Totems

Until Dawn allows the players to collect various items including Totems. These Totems are divided into five different categories. This guide covers the locations of Loss Totems, which are marked as a Brown Butterfly in the game.

The locations below are listed in chronological order of the story while the Totem number might be out of order in the game.

CHAPTER 2 – Loss Totem #1 (Character = Chris)

This totem can be located inside the garage, next to the bike.

CHAPTER 2 – Loss Totem #1 (Character = Mike)

When you exit the cave as Mike, follow the path to the left.

CHAPTER 4 – Loss Totem #3 (Character = Chris)

Before entering the barn, go around the barn to the right to find the third Loss totem.

CHAPTER 5 – Loss Totem #4

In the beginning of the chapter, outside Sanatorium, go up the stairs and go left. This leads to a secret entrance into the Sanatorium. Follow the path to a room where you need to push a barrel forward to advance. Behind that barrel is this loss totem.

CHAPTER 9 – Loss Totem #5 (Character = Ashley)

Once you are in the basement as Ashley, she will stay behind to shut the manhole cover. As she tries to catch up with the group, she will hear a voice. Choose to investigate the voice and then turn immediately around to find the totem.

CHAPTER 10 – Loss Totem #6 (Character = Matt or Jessica)

You will either be Matt or Jessica at this point, depending on your previous choices. In the mine, you will come across mine cart tracks. Turn left and follow the tracks to the totem.

Until Dawn was developed by Supermassive Games, who used the Killzone Shadow Fall engine for the game. It is published by Sony Computer Entertainment and released exclusively for the PS4 on August 25th.

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