Until Dawn Devs Explain Why They Cancelled PS3 Version, Talk About VR FPS DLC Rumor And More

Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games is currently doing an AMA on reddit related to the game and its development. Some of the questions that they have answered are rather interesting like teasing their next project and talking about the origins of the development.

Supermassive Games has now revealed the reason behind the cancellation of the PS3 version of the game. They also talked about how Quantic Dream were an inspiration for them when developing Until Dawn.

When we first showed it publicly there was a lot of community demand for a non-Move version. PS4 was coming over the horizon and we knew we had a great story. It seemed rude not to.

Quantic Dream have been a great vanguard for Interactive Drama and an inspiration.


One of the question was about any potential DLC for Until Dawn including the recently rumored VR first person DLC. While Supermassive Games refused to comment on the VR DLC saying that they can’t comment on rumors today, they did confirm that they aren’t developing any further DLC for the game for now.

We’re not able to discuss these rumours today. Sorry.

We are not currently working on any DLC for Until Dawn at the moment.

The next game that they teased is still early in development and hence they can’t give any details about it yet, or make an announcement anytime soon. They also refused to confirm if it will be another SCE published game or a third party release.

We are at very early stages at the moment, so we’re not even thinking about an announcement yet.

Until Dawn was released last August exclusively for the PS4.

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