Until Dawn Devs Tease Their Next Game: “Fans Will Love It,” Talk About Development And Story

Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games is currently doing an AMA on reddit and they are answering questions of the fans including information about their next project and the development of the game.

We learn from the AMA that Until Dawn started its development in 2010. Sony approached Supermassive Games back then with a concept of a PlayStation move game with a focus on teen horror.

It was in about 2010. We were working on something similar and Sony came to us with the basic concept for a Move title and a teen horror called Until Dawn. There was only a bare bones idea. we then developed the story and gameplay in house. And as you probably know it then transitioned over to PS4.

until-dawn-ps4-bonus (2)

Supermassive Games also teased their next game that they have already started working on as something that Until Dawn fans will love.

Without giving too much away, we are already working on our next game, and we think and hope that Until Dawn fans will love it.

Suppermassive Games were also satisfied with how the story turned out depending on the choice of the players in the game.

The thing about the branching in Until Dawn is that you can only change what your character could change at that point in the game. So there is a core narrative, which is the way things are set up on Blackwood mountain. We are really happy with the amount of branching in the narrative, every choice affects something. That said, we would like to see even more branching ourselves, because we think it really works.

Until Dawn is a PS4 exclusive developed by Supermassive Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was developed on a modified version of Killzone Shadow Fall engine.

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