Until Dawn Trophy Guide: How To Unlock All Trophies Including Platinum Trophy

Until Dawn has a grand total of 19 different trophies (1 Platinum, 9 Gold, 5 Silver, 4 Bronze) and they all require multiple playthroughs to achieve the different endings as well fulfill the various conditions.

The following list below is for the requirement of each of the trophy and they are listed by the category of each trophy e.g Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.


Trophy Name: Let eM In
Requirement: Allow Emily to stay in the Basement as Mike.

Trophy Name: The Exorcism of Emily
Requirement: Let Mike shoot Emily.

Trophy Name: You Let The Wrong One In
Requirement: Ashley or Chris have to open the trap door and let the monster in.

Trophy Name: Fatal Grudge
Requirement: Shoot Ashley as Chris.


Trophy Name: The Psycho Path
Requirement: Ashley or Sam have to attack the Psycho with a weapon.

Trophy Name: Ashley Snaps
Requirement: Once Ashley snaps, let Chris die.

Trophy Name: Don’t Scare Jessica To Death
Requirement: Survive the Night of the Terror with Jessica.

Trophy Name: Instant Inferno
Requirement: This can be achieved by accidentally setting the lodge on fire as Sam by flicking the switch.

Trophy Name: Scream Too
Requirement: Mike cuts his own finger to free himself from the bear trap.


Trophy Name: Four Daughters of Darkness
Requirement: All of the female main characters survive Until Dawn.

Trophy Name: Night of the Totem Hunter
Requirement: Find all the Totems located in Until Dawn.

Trophy Name: The Fateful Descent
Requirement: Find all the clues from the 1952 Clueline.

Trophy Name: This Is The End
Requirement: Nobody has to survive. Let everyone die in the game.

Trophy Name: The Quicker Man
Requirement: All of the male main characters survive Until Dawn.

Trophy Name: The Skilful Wolf Man
Requirement: Mike keeps the wolf alive throughout the Sanatorium.

Trophy Name: The Tale of The Two Sisters
Requirement: Find all the clues from the Twins Clueline.

Trophy Name: They All Live
Requirement: All Eight friends have to survive Until Dawn.

Trophy Name: You Opened Their Eyes
Requirement: Find all the clues from the Mystery Man Clueline.


Trophy Name: A Symphony of Horror Trophies
Requirement: Collect all the other trophies.

Until Dawn is a PS4 exclusive developed by Supermassive Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

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