Days Gone Devs Not Ready To Talk About Release Date, Working ‘Really Hard’ On Game

Days Gone was originally revealed at E3 2016 with a full fledged story and gameplay trailer leading some people to believe that it might be far along in development. However the developers went silent after the announcement made at E3 and the game wasn’t seen again until 1 year later, at the next E3 press conference by Sony. This time around, another lengthy demo was revealed that showcased the dynamics of the world, and how the player has the choice to approach each scenarios from different points of interest.

In an interview with the creative director and studio director of Days Gone for YouTube Live, the developers shared some of their ambitious plans for the game. The aim for this new demo for them was to show how the player can explore around the open world. The developers gave example of the dynamic time of day and weather system that can have an impact on how the game plays out. The E3 demo showed an ambush for the main character however it is possible to avoid it entirely according to the developers. They promised an extended demo for the game that will show a completely different take on the E3 demo.

At the end of the interview, Geoff Keighley asked them about the release date however the developers made it clear that they cannot talk about the release date yet. They assured that they are working ‘really’ hard’ on the game right now. Days Gone didn’t have any release year shown at E3 2017 just like it was the case last year, so it is possible that the game could take a while to release on PS4.

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