Days Gone: Does it have Multiplayer?

Days Gone is an action-adventure title developed by SIE Bend Studio. In case your looking to get the title but don’t know if Days Gone has a Multiplayer mode then this article will guide you.

Days Gone is an open-world title set in a post-apocalyptic world. With almost all of humanity dead after the global pandemic, you will have to fight your way through Freakers which are zombie-like creatures to complete objectives.

Does the Days Gone have a Multiplayer mode?

Days Gone is a single player title and does not have any kind of Multiplayer mode. The game focuses more on storytelling like other similar titles which are exclusive to PS4.

The idea of adding a Multiplayer was pitched to Sony by the developer of World War Z but it was rejected. Moreover, it is never a good idea to have your Multiplayer mode developed by an external team and DOOM’s Multiplayer is an example of that.

Will the Days Gone ever receive a Multiplayer mode?

The Multiplayer mode has become an important part of the games and most of us prefer games with multiplayer mode. For that reason, it is possible that the developers add a Multiplayer mode to Days Gone later on. However, the game is developed without keeping a Multiplayer mode in mind making it harder to add later on. So, adding a Multiplayer mode might mean that the developers have to change a lot of things in the game. In short, it is possible to add a Multiplayer mode to the game later on but it is very unlikely.

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Days Gone is now available on PS4.

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