Days Gone Install Size Is 67 GB Making It One Of The Largest PS4 Exclusives

Days Gone has a massive install size of 67 GB thus making it one of the largest PS4 exclusives in term of hard disk space on its launch.

Days Gone is out on April 26. The game was developed by Sony Bend Studio and it has gone gold a few weeks back. As it is still a few days away, the press has already received their early review copies sent by Sony.

PlayFront has shared details on the install size for Days Gone along with the day one update. According to them, the game will take roughly 67 GB of hard disk space once you install it along with the day one update. There was no mention of what is included in the update since Sony hasn’t shared any patch notes for it.

Days Gone will arrive on PS4 on April 26 but the reviews will be one day earlier, on April 25. It is an open world survival horror game that was developed on Unreal Engine 4. It will be released exclusively for the PS4 published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game was originally set for a release in February but later was pushed back to give the developers more time to polish it, and get it out of a busy period when Anthem was also launching soon.

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